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Something is wrong with "Track mails of converstion in one Work Item"

Nov 11, 2009 at 4:01 PM


Thank you for your initiative to develop such a nice plug in! It's really cool.

But I have found one strange thing. It does not track all mails of single conversation in one workitem (the check box is checked).

I have downloaded the source code and even tried to debug it. I tracked this problem down to the following line:

   File CreateWIAction.cs, Line 85:

      MailItem findedMail = folder.Items.Find(string.Format("[ConversationTopic] = '{0}'", item.ConversationTopic.Replace("'", @"''"))) as MailItem;

In spite of the fact that there are emails with the same conversation topic in the folder it can not find them!

Could you help me with this issue? Should indexing services or something be properly set up to use this plug in? Don't you think I might have this problem since I do have Russian localization MS Outlook and Windows XP?


Thank you.